Tuk-A-Way Liftgate
Great for flatbed or van body applications. The gate stows under the bed to allow ease of loading and unloading from the rear of the body. Available capacities from 1,600 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. Steel or aluminum platforms come with tapered ramps or a wedge design which works well for pallet jacks. These gates are also available with a level ride with auto tilt. The tip of the platform tilts down once the platform hinge touches the ground. Receiver hitches are also available on certain gate applications.
Rail Lift Gate
Great application for van bodies with capacities from 1,200 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. These gates fold to a vertical position when stored. Large platforms are available with tapered ramps. Dock loading issues are solved by split platforms and above bed travel.
Conventional Liftgates
Applications include both flatbed and van bodies. These gates stow in the vertical position when closed, so lowering the gate is necessary when unloading from the rear. This also prevents forklift access to the rear of the truck. The upside is the large platforms available. As with Tuk-A-Way gates platforms are available with tapered ramps, wedge design, and level ride with auto tilt.
Pick-up/Service Body
Tommygate offers a complete line of liftgates for pick-ups, service bodies, flatbeds, and van bodies. Their Original Series pick-up gates are cable driven with 1,000 lb. and 1,300 lb. capacities. Their new G-2 Series direct drive pick-up gates have 1,300 lb. and 1,500 lb. capacities.
Long flatbed with heavy duty liftgate
Medium flatbed with liftgate