Dump Bodies

We offer a full line of Crysteel dump bodies. From 2-3 yard capacities all the way up to 16-18 yard capacities. We are able to build your body to meet your specific needs and uses.
Standard Features


  • Single panel with formed horizontal brace or three quarter double wall.
  • Dirt shedding boxed top rail.
  • 10 or 7 gauge A1011, 3/16" or 1/4" AR400 steel  construction.
  • Composite or steel side boards.
  • 10 or 7 gauge A1011 (50,000 yield strength), 3/16" or 1/4" AR400 (145,000 yield strength) steel construction.
  •  A1011 is most commonly used on bodies up to 5-6 yard, AR400 on three axle applications.
  • Radius sides.
  • I beam, western tubular, or trapezoidal long beams. Due to the design, trapezoidal long beams provide the most strength, recommended for larger bodies.
  • Western style understructure (no crossmembers). Standard on all bodies. Crossmembers can be used on smaller bodies with A1011 floor but not recommended on AR400 floors. Crossmembers add weight and tend to cause a "wash board" effect.
  • 10 or 7 gauge A1011, 3/16" or 1/4" AR 400 steel construction.
  • Dirt shedding design.
  • Full rib design.
  • Manual or air release bottom latch (truck must have air brakes).
  • Air or hydraulic hi-lift tail gate.  Hydraulic hi-lift gates are powered by a 12VDC motor/pump unit and is used on higher, heavier gates as this system will have a greater cycle life than an air system.
  • Sliding ditch gates available.
  • Slope rear tail gate.  A great option for asphalt contractors as it allows you to pull away from a paver without lowering the body.
  • Underbody hoist. Most commonly used on bodies up to 10' long 5-6 yard. 12VDC electric hydraulic units on 2-4 yard bodies, PTO driven hydraulics on 5-6 yard. Underbody hoists will have sub-frames.
  • Front mount conventional telescoping hoist. Mounts in a doghouse that protrudes into the bed. Standard hoist on beds 12' and longer, as the dog house does take up bed area, reducing load capacity.
  • Front mount inverted telescoping hoist. This hoist mounts on a floating cradle attached to the truck frame that allows the hoist to pivot up to 2.5 degrees side to side reducing the bending tension. Great for off-road use. This hoist is trunion mounted  to the body, which gives it a lower lifting center of gravity than a conventional telescoping hoist which results in greater stability. Another plus over the conventional telescoping hoist is a smaller dog house, thus increasing usable bed area. This hoist is also available with a double acting cylinder.
  • Bail mount hoist. The hoist is mounted outboard of the body so there is no dog house protruding into the body. This is a great design that promotes better clean out at the front of the body. The down side is a longer wheelbase is required, usually around 12" longer.
  • Cable or air shift controls mounted on pedestal for PTO driven units, push button controls for 12VDC systems
  • Hitches, pintle, air cushion pintles
  • Tarp units, mesh or asphalt compatible
  • Side ladders, fixed or cable
  • Grip strut walkways on sides of body
  • Sliding ditch gates
  • Spreader aprons
  • Vibrators
  • Underbody boxes
Junk King fleet dump body
Large Crysteel dump with Pulltarp system
Dump body with cab over rack over dump
Large dump with Pulltarp and left, right, and center ditch gate

Dump body with Pulltarp and crane