Flatbed Trucks

Below are a number of configurations for flatbed trucks, featuring standard features and options. For Flatbed Dump Bodies, see here.
Standard Features
  • 50/50 headboard, perforated top, solid, and bottom with four 4" structural channel uprights
  • 10 gauge side and end rails
  • 4" formed crossmembers 16" on center
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Stake pockets, rope hooks
  • ICC dock bumper
  • OEM tail lights,
  • Mud flaps
  • Painted black or white
Flatbed with liftgate and traffic advisor
Flatbed with crane and cab over rack
Long flatbed with forklift package
  • Stake sides, steel stakes, hardwood, steel or aluminum slats, plated latches
  • Cab-over material rack
  • Frame mounted receiver or pintle hitch, two D
    rings, trailer plug
  • Underbody boxes, underbody baskets
  • top mount boxes
  • Strap winches
  • Tapered tail piece with LED flush mounted tail
    and clearance lights
  • Crossmembers 12" on center
  • I beam crossmembers
  • 7 gauge side and end rails
Small aluminum flatbed with top mount boxes 
Long flatbed with wood floor