Air Compressors

Stand-alone Compressor

Gas driven reciprocating with a 30-gallon receiver tank. These units are powered by an electric-start 15-horse-powered Honda or Kohler engine. The most cost-effective air compressor for a mechanics truck application. Can be mounted in the front floor area of a service body or on top of a service body with a remote underbody air tank.
Underhood Air Compressors
Mounted in the engine compartment and belt-driven off of the crank pulley, these oil flooded rotary screw air compressors can generate 70- to 150 CFM, depending on type of engine application.
Above Deck Air Compressors
These rotary screw air compressors mount on top of service bodies. They are powered by a PTO driven direct mount hydraulic pump. Air on demand with a 100% duty cycle with 40 or 60 CFM. These air compressors work very well on mechanics trucks.
Under-Chassis Air Compressors
These PTO driven oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors mount under the chassis and have a CFM range of 90 to 220. A standard 12 volt fan/radiator or a plate-type oil-to-water heat exchanger are the two cooling options. A great option when compared to a  tow behind air compressor.